Disk Caching Mechanism

max1486 shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration

Solus.IO currently doesn't let you control the disk caching mechanism on Virtual Machines. This means for example you are running a HW RAID controller, which has an onboard cache, you are unable to set it to writeback as a disk caching mechanism. The problem with this, is it severely effects I/O performance if it can't leverage the appropriate settings.

In testing, I have seen the host node return 100K IOPS, but inside of a VM only 15K IOPS on 4K read/writes. I am certain the fix is to change the virto caching setting.

SolusVM 1.0 does already have this feature here: https://support.solus.io/hc/en-us/articles/360020341452-How-to-enable-the-Native-Disk-I-O-mode-for-KVM-VPS-in-SolusVM-

Being able to do this on Solus 2.0 (SolusIO) is a requirement.

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