Disable vps creating by clients directly from solus.io panel

Som Nath shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

As we know clients can create vps directly from solus.io panel. But we want to disable that

Let me explain

For now there's no integrated billing system like cloud companies, so we have to use external billing software like WHMCS

But clients can create VPS from solus.io panel.

So what if clients order first VPS from WHMCS then create more VPS from solus.io panel directly?

How do we bill them for those new vps? How we prevent clients to create vps from panel without paying for it?

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You can easily define a Limit Group in the Admin area and set the limitation to 1 server. This allows you to create a new user with exactly 1 server, but the user himself cannot create another one. However the upcoming WHMCS modules (post-paid PAYG and prepaid) will solve your issue automatically.

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