Ability to give a VM access to a specific VLAN(s) on the private/internal network

Randall Hinton shared this idea 8 months ago
Under Consideration

Having the ability to tie the traffic of a client into a specific VLAN would allow for a greater level of security. Ensuring that traffic from the clients nodes is only able to traverse the created VLAN and protect it from other traffic on the private network, as well as protecting the rest of the private/internal network from the clients traffic.

Also this would allow the ability to give clients access to NAS or SAN storage arrays without flooding the rest of the network with unneeded traffic.

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to isolate/ seperate the guest/ client from the private/ internal/ managament network traffic is for security reasons verry importent for us. to seperate them with vlan is the best way to archive.


this is realy VERY IMPORTANT for us !!

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