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Joeri Frantz shared this idea 3 months ago

I would like to see the option to disable registration so that only the admins can create accounts.


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Yes it's highly recommended feature.

Don't know why Solus included that register button. It's very stupid when they do not have billing including

When solus doesn't include integrated billing like a proper cloud platform and people have to use 3rd party billing systems like WHMCS or Blesta, So we must disable registration without order.

Otherwise people will register and start using the vps without paying for them.

The solus should behave like solusvm. When user order from whmcs only then their account will create.


Yes, this possibility to disable and remove the Registration was published already in version 1.1.11033 on June 21. All new SolusIO installations come with Registration disabled by default.


Wow fast response. Thanks..

Now please reduce your new pricing. It's insane.

We can't even recover the money of our $17K each server hardware cost with this pricing even with that so called Partnership program


Can we have a call about it? I would be super interested in understanding your case better to see how we can help you. Please ping me on jan[at]plesk.com and let's schedule a call next week.


>I would be super interested in understanding your case

I think the issue here is SolusIO is charging OnApp/vmware type prices but the features are severely lacking. I mean, you can't even migrate a VM between hosts. Let's say you have 50 hypervisors with 2 X 6 core procs - that's $36,000/year for SolusIO that is missing basic functionality:

Priced too high

No migration options

No billing integration

Can't put nodes into maintenance mode

Can't add IP's to VM's

Network rules are global

That's just a few things off the top of my head. I'm sure I can come up with a list 10x that. For what the price is, it's severely lacking and disappointing. Granted OnApp and vmware are indeed slightly higher, they have significantly more and SolusIO actually has LESS functionality than SolusVM.


@UserName, Yes you are right, right now SolusIO lacks many feature, but we should not forget that It's just started few months ago. so they needs some time to improve and add more features.

Our problem is not with SolusIO, we can understand that it's a completely deferent product than previous SolusVM, So pricing increase can be justify up to some limit. But the present pricing is totally unacceptable.

We use only Epyc CPUs, and each of them have 32 - 128 Physical cores, which cost us from $17K - $30K+ for each server.

Our lowest plan is about $5 per month per vps with 1 vCore.

And we can't destroy our reputation by overselling our server resources.

Hope you can understand

But with the present pricing we can't even recover our investment on individual servers,

As I said we have no issue with SolusIO, We have issue with their parent company "Oakley capital"

They are like vultures or Dracula, who only know how to suck blood, just like they did with the cPanel.


@Jan Löffler, I got many emails from your team about asking feedback of your software, I have explained the issue many times with them, And nothing happened,

So I don't think and I did not expect any positive result on future conversations as well.

With this kind of environment we can't survive

Maybe Openstack is the best option for us,

We really want to use SolusIO just like we did use your SolusVM for years, But unfortunately we have to pass the SolusIO in this present situation.


The ability to Enable/Disable registration has been added in SolusIO version 1.1.11033.


Sincerely, Vitaliy