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Do not apply "per core" pricing

Under Consideration VHC L. Comments: 7 Reply 45 hours ago by Moein
12 votes

Ability to Upgrade or Change Plan

Planned Brant N. 41 days ago User Interface No Comments
3 votes

Add support private network

Planned Игорь Б. 45 days ago Networking No Comments
11 votes

Add support for non-local storage solutions

Planned Daniel K. 46 days ago Core Services No Comments
11 votes

Please provide a windows image library

Under Consideration Cap H. 22 days ago No Comments
4 votes

Ability to reset cloud-user password.

In Progress Brant N. User Interface Comments: 1 Reply 39 days ago by SolusIO
4 votes

Add ability to set snapshots limit per user/plan

Planned Игорь Б. 44 days ago No Comments
6 votes

Create a Slack for Solus.IO customers/users

Under Consideration VHC L. 26 days ago No Comments
3 votes

built-in Virtuozzo Storage into SolusIO would be great

Under Consideration Cap H. 45 days ago Core Services No Comments
4 votes
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